Frequently Asked Questions!

So... what is this "Sticky Keys" thing anyways??

Sticky Keys is our collaborating gaming podcast where we talk about everything related to gaming and the entertainment industries! To learn more about us and the podcast, check out our About Us section!

How often are episodes released?

Typically, we release a new episode of Sticky Keys once a week on Fridays. However, sometimes it can be hard to cram podcasting time in with all of our combined schedules. If we do miss a week, we’ll be sure to let you know on our Twitter, so be sure to check there!

Where can I listen to Sticky Keys?

You can listen to our podcast on all major music and podcast streaming platforms and services! Some of our most popular services are linked below, but we made a lovely list of all the places you can watch us over here!

Where else can I find you?

Check out this page for more info!

I want to collaborate with you!

Check out this page for more info!